Begin a Healthy New Lifestyle Today….

Shelley Howe – Merrick, Long Island Nutritionist

Do you want to be healthy and fit?
Let me help you understand how to make gradual changes in your eating and fitness lifestyle. Together, we will prioritize your health with important nutrition and exercise plans to improve your appearance and the way you feel. This has the added benefits of preventing chronic illness, or decreasing symptoms of existing chronic illness. My simple philosophy…. Nothing tastes as good as healthy and fit feels!

I am a Licensed Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian located in Merrick, Long Island who has years of experience helping people achieve a healthy weight and active lifestyle. Food is not intended to be the comfort drug of choice. Let me help you learn how to enjoy food and achieve a healthier body while keeping food in perspective.

Learn to:
  • Eat only when hungry
  • Enjoy guilt-free eating
  • Eat mindfully and healthfully
  • Be active
  • Have a food and fitness plan
  • Look and feel great!
Call Shelley Howe, Merrick, Long Island Nutritionist Today!
(516) 509-7301 
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