Apr 10, 2014

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6 Steps to a Better You…Silva Method

Hi It’s okay to have another cookie, wake up just a little late, or even skip an exercise session or two. But don’t ever, ever, EVER… Question your own abilities. Let me remind you of the 6 steps to a better you: ============================================ 1. Exercise: I also call it getting your heart beat up. Make sure in the morning you do at least 30 minutes that pumps you up and makes you feel awake from the inside. 2. Commit to something you think you can’t: pick one thing, only one, which might give

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a small result but take one thing 3. Imagine you talking to Patrick about it, tell Patrick why you can’t do it. Sit right next to him and have a conversation with him. Listen

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to his answers. 4. Visualize your Outcomes: Build an image on your mental screen of how you would achieve what you desire 5. Take Action: If it is about changing your job, pick your computer and make that CV. If its relationship, take your partner out for dinner and talk

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it out. Start small but START. 6. Celebrate the results: As you would see you would already start achieving. Now go out and CELEBRATE. It is important, you have to go out and cherish every second of it. ============================================ Here’s wishing you a happy and fulfilled day.