About the book

Read one woman’s journey from job loss to overcoming obstacles and learning that success is in her hands. Within three days of learning about the job loss she quickly moved from anxiety to self-belief. Success was easy as she looked inside of herself and began writing it down in the form of this book. The self-realization was so gratifying she wanted to share the experience to help others find their way to success or to enjoy her story.

Written in a very conversational style, this book is easy to read and chock- full of believable ways to change your life. This is an upbeat book which makes finding the road to success seem doable. Who wouldn’t want to find a way to be successful?

Shelley believes in herself as she believes in you. She chronicles her life for three months as she moves from unexpectedly unemployed to self- employed and loves every minute of it. She makes the expression of one door closing and creating an even better tomorrow a reality, and shows you the way.

Go for the gusto and get it! It is yours for the taking and Shelley both shares her story of how she got it and gives you some tools so that you can get it too. Enjoy!