Private Practice

About Me:
  • Shelley Howe, RD, CDN
  • Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian
  • Office in Merrick, New York
  • Day and evening hours
  • House calls available
  • 516 509-7301
My Specialty:
  • Weight loss and healthy lifestyle
  • Nutrition therapy for: eating disorders, healthy weight management, diabetes, pre-diabetes, GI disorders, hypertension, high cholesterol, and others
My Philosophy:
  • To lose weight, it is necessary to put food in perspective
  • Food is fuel to run the body as is gas to run a car
  • High quality food fuel will help you look and feel better
  • Exercise is for stamina, flexibility and fun
  • You can find a way to include moving more into your life
  • Healthy food and a fitness plan will yield results
  • A plan is key
  • Perseverance is key
  • Food is not to be used as the drug of choice
  • Eat intuitively and by choice
Why you can be successful with me:
  • I have been there and done that too
  • I believe in you
  • I believe you control you
  • I am there for you
  • We can do this together
  • I provide the information, motivation and support
  • I will help you understand success is your only option
  • I will be your coach and your guide