Private Practice Testimonials:

  • Shelley believes in her clients from day 1. She inspires hope when her clients had been feeling hopeless about losing weight.
  • Shelley is non-judgmental. You cannot do anything wrong in your work with Shelley. She will work with you from wherever you are at to moving and taking one step in the direction of your goals.
  • Shelley is not a cookie cutter “diet program”. There are some important basic information lessons to be learned but the rest is completely individualized. It is about you and what works for you and what needs to be modified. It is not about “a diet”.

Colleen W

Shelley Howe, MS, RD, CDN is an incredible woman who never judges anyone, is caring and motivating. I was at a point in my life where I felt so tired and unmotivated. My co-workers and friends would say “No wonder why you don’t feel well, look what you eat”. I had no clue how to change how I ate or what to prepare. I did not think I was capable of change. Until I was introduced to Shelley Howe, she has simplified what I thought would be so complicated, and has made it fun, exciting and goal oriented for me. I am going in to my 4th session and I have changed some bad eating habits that I thought would be impossible, I am losing weight each week and feel excited about this life change. She gave me my own individual plan for me and showed me how to incorporate it into my life.

Maria A.

Book Testimonials for “Your Best is Yet to Come”:

These troubling economic times have forced many of us to face the grim realization that there is no such thing as job security and that that no one is waiting in the wings to “bail” us out.

So when Shelley’s career stalled and she was up against insurmountable odds, rather than surrender, she chose to fight. Without hesitation, Shelley identified her skill set, realigned her system of values and forged ahead.

Her diary chronicles the inspirational story of soul searching, reinvention and rediscovery. When faced with few options, Shelley chose success! If faced with your own feelings of desperation, her journey will encourage you to pursue your dreams rather than succumb to indecision and self doubt.

As her physician, I had the opportunity to witness her transformation first hand. Her zest for life and enthusiasm toward her new career will motivate you as it has me. So like Shelley, if your path is no longer leading you to your goals, it’s time to change course and make “success” your only option.

Philip D. Ragno, M.D.
Director of Health and Wellness at Winthrop Hospital, Mineola, NY

This inspirational book is truly the portal to Shelley’s soul. She speaks not only from the heart, but through her life’s experiences as though they were teachers. If you are seeking an example of a life working, this book is for you; Shelley’s positive energy is quite contagious! She shares with us how one can tap into personal power to achieve all one could desire in life….or even better.

Susan Antelis, MPS, LMHC
Adjunct Professor, Hofstra Unversity, Long Island University

“This book is the inspired, highly personalized journey of one woman’s transformation toward a more healthful life in which triumph is ever-evolving. You CAN read this book.”

Douglas Finlay, Editor
Bellmore Life Newspaper, Bellmore, NY

Shelley Howe has written a moving, enjoyable and inspirational book about her personal journey — a journey which those of us in our middle years can all relate to, learn from and positively embrace.

Bob Abrams, Esq.
Author – “Watered-Down Truth:  A Flood of Lies That Was More Deadly Than Hurricane Katrina”